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To David Casartelli – Photographer

When David Casartelli lays his eyes on the landscapes of the region, he broadens our horizons. He loves to climb the Haut-Giffre moutains to give us a view of the landscapes that remain eternal thanks to in his photographic works of art. He always keeps an eye on the valley to capture nature moments and share those shots with us.

This mountain is at the heart of his life, it passionates and fascinates him. He can see it from the large windows of his chalet in the valley. With his eyes wide open, he can’t resist the call of the Haut-Giffre, which he loves to explore in search of its treasures. At the age of 2, he put on his skis and excelled in the alpine club on the Grand Massif slopes before falling in love with the air. This former member of the French paragliding team sharpened his eye from the air for 12 years. Here is an explanation to why David is such an aerial man. For this moutain lover, the pebbles and hiking trails of the region hold no secrets. The Haut-Giffre is his base camp. The framework is then set.

“I always have my camera with me”

While his father was filming life in a Super 8 format, particularly in the mountains where the family spent most of their free time, David discovered Instamatic cameras. It was a real eye-opener! He went on to devour photography books and, at the age of 15, bought his first analog SLR camera, which he still has today. When the champion set off around the world with his paraglider, his camera was along for the ride; for 7 years he would offer to specialised magazines his photos and videos of the world seen from up there, and this marked the birth of his photography business, which he intends to pursue full-time from this year onwards. “I always have a camera with me in my rucksack: my SLR and my smartphone. I don’t go a day without taking a photo!” He also explores the mountains with his feet firmly on the ground. Like an explorer, he captures the treasures and colours of his adventures, which he shares with as many people as possible: “to those who are not lucky enough to come to the Giffre Mountains or who are not even aware of their existence”, as the photographer likes to say.

Interview by Laure Béchade, journalist

We have dedicated this page to him, and he brings it to life with his art as the seasons go by!

To those who are not lucky enough to come to the Giffre Mountains or who are not even aware of their existence


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