Carte Blanche

David Casartelli – Photographer

When David Casartelli lays his eyes on the landscapes of the region, he inspires us. He loves to take to the peaks of the Giffre Mountains to offer us a superb perspective of the landscapes that are granted eternal life in his photographic works of art. The artist expertly captures the essence of the natural environment and shares his original take on the valley with us.

We have dedicated this page to him, through the seasons he will take you on a journey through the Giffre Mountains!

For those who are not lucky enough to come to the Giffre Mountains or who are not even aware of their existence


Giffre Valley photgrapher


This season is when Nature is reborn following the long winter months, and is a remarkable time of year in Giffre Valley. We are lucky to see for ourselves the transition between winter and spring. This often brings with it...

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Summer in Giffre Valley is the time to go hiking in the mountains, and to try out the outdoor activities on offer. Walk, head up above the plains, above the fog, it takes a bit of effort to see the...

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Autumn is the season of colours! Especially in Giffre Valley where the colours are extraordinary. They are quite simply out-of-this-world. Mother Nature is slowing down, preparing for winter. This slowdown is an invitation to decrease your own pace too. The...

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Winter sports enthusiasts eagerly await the cold season in Giffre Valley. Winter brings with it a white covering as far as the Plains and considerably changes the appearance of the landscape. The mountain peaks seem softer somehow, curved shapes appear...

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