Summer in Giffre Valley is the time to go hiking in the mountains, and to try out the outdoor activities on offer. Walk, head up above the plains, above the fog, it takes a bit of effort to see the superb views of the whole area from up above. The reward is even more gratifying when you manage to get right up to the top of one of the peaks.

In Giffre Valley, the sheer variety of peaks and trails is legendary and you can always find a walk suited to your physical ability and what you would like to see. There are plenty of refuges to stay at, for an original experience, a far cry from your daily routine. What I really love about this world is that I can reconnect with nature and regulate my biorhythm. I plan my day in accordance with the rising and setting of the sun. If you don’t know this environment very well, contact the mountain professionals. They will guide you and share their love and knowledge of the area.

David Casartelli
Giffre Valley Photographer