The Baroque-style church with bell tower covered in white iron, the caves, the numerous oratories including Nicodex Chapel, and much more.

There are many walks to do around La Rivière-Enverse, to discover the lush natural environment where, among the 432 inhabitants, a majority of artists and craftspeople have chosen to call this place home (sculptors, potters, icon painters, etc.).

 Tradition is very important here. From the characteristic haut-savoyardes houses to the many oratories, not-to-mention the inhabitants, Nicodex Chapel, the 2 farms (Les Places and Julien Dénériaz), the caves (a replica of Lourdes caves), the Baroque-style church with white iron bell tower built by Faucignerand Pierre Cheneval based on clover-shaped plans… La Rivière-Enverse has managed to conserve the oh so precious soul of the mountains

A day in the life of a farmer/ski instructor

Julien Deneriaz is originally from Morillon and will tell you about how he balances his life between his job as a farmer and as a ski instructor.

The Boisier family farm

Discover the “Les Places” farm, run by the Boisier family. This passionate family produces milk and cheese all year round.

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