This rural village with 1,169 inhabitants is spread over two valleys (Arve Valley to the south, Giffre Valley to the north). Ch¬tillon-sur-Cluses owes its name, like all the “Ch¬tillon” in France, to the castle which was the favourite residence of the Lords of Faucigny. It is a remarkable place, that is currently being renovated.

Residence of the Lords of Faucigny

In the north of Ch¬tillon-sur-Cluses is the natural entrance to Giffre Valley, the ski resorts and the ski area. The main town is found at an altitude of 732 m, on the mountain pass, and not only is it the hometown of skier Maxime Pezet, but it is also home to the favourite residence of the Lords of Faucigny. 

Today, the only remains are the base of the two towers buried in overgrown vegetation, the Church and one wall of the majestic castle built in the 10th century. The whole place is undergoing a much needed renovation!

Mural paintings almost 900 years old

Much more than just a place to pass through, the town of Ch¬tillon sur Cluses would like to become a tourist destination in its own right thanks, in particular, to its Church.

Inside the church, wall paintings almost 900 years old were discovered…