After a very sunny winter, the Giffre Valley is entering a season of renewal with the same impetus of warmth and gentleness. Life is sweet and light on the terraces, where the first barbecues are blooming, bringing us together after years of pandemics punctuated by government restrictions. It’s a chance to reconnect with the beautiful, unspoilt nature of our mountains.

Spring is the season of renewal, reconnection and regeneration par excellence. Observing it, welcoming it and embracing it teaches us one of the fundamental laws of Nature, the law of change, as part of the unchanging cycle of the seasons. It is always a wonder to hear the melodious songs of the birds again, to see the migratory birds returning to the land and to feel the young shoots of grass, of buds, of the first crocuses and of the beautiful spring primroses.

Slowly, the soft green of the blossoming vegetation is gaining ground on the slopes of our mountains, chasing the snow away from the summits. The contrast is striking and spectacular. The sunlight, still shining low at this time of year, illuminates this new life and warms the atmosphere. These are ideal times for photography. It’s also a good time to take a walk along the paths beside the Giffre river, to feel, vibrate and appreciate the elements as they start to move.

The invitation to reconnect is huge, so let’s enjoy it as it is right in front of us, just around the corner, you can see it and walk to it. Let’s go out, let’s live, let’s enjoy the moment.
Enjoy your walk in the Vallée du Giffre.

With all my sincere thanks!

David Casartelli
Photographer in the Giffre Valley

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