This season is when Nature is reborn following the long winter months, and is a remarkable time of year in Giffre Valley. We are lucky to see for ourselves the transition between winter and spring. This often brings with it some extraordinary landscapes displaying the soft green shades of the valley, at the bottom of the sloping mountain sides in the forests, and the wintry white shades up on the peaks.

Between the two, it is a waterfall of colours, each bringing a different shade to the picture. It is not rare that winter comes back for one last round at the beginning of May, bringing with it a white covering throughout the valley. The light is brighter at this time of year and the morning and evening are the best times of day to photograph these almost magical moments. It is also the time to stop and admire these extraordinary views, to simply take them in.

David Casartelli
Giffre Valley Photographer

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