🎉 Grand Massif provides free ski passes for children under the age of 8. Morillon is one of the Grand Massif resorts offering this deal. Children under 8 can enjoy the ski slopes, snow activities and winter holidays for free. 🏂🎿

Ski passes : they are free for children under 8!

Let your children enjoy an unforgettable winter experience by exploring the snow-covered peaks of the Grand Massif in Morillon, without worrying about the cost of ski passes. We are delighted to announce that children under the age of 8 can now ski for free on our whole magnificent ski area.

Imagine their eyes lighting up with joy as they discover the incredible sensations of skiing down our slopes, which are designed for all levels. From curious beginners to more experienced little skiers, our slopes offer challenges for all levels of ability. And now, thanks to our special offer, children under 8 can enjoy them at no extra cost!

Marvel & Marveline: the perfect way to get started!

Above all, try the “Marvel” and “Marveline” green beginners’ slopes in Morillon, real gems for children and ski instruction. This is a 5 kilometres long slope, ideal for young skiers just discovering the joys of skiing. The ‘Marvel’ and ‘Marveline’ slopes offer a gentle and progressive ride, allowing children to build their confidence and have fun in complete safety.

All the way down, your children will be surrounded by enchanting Alpine scenery. The majestic mountains and snow-covered forests surrounding the slopes create a magical atmosphere that awakens the senses.

Moreover, our qualified instructors are there to guide and encourage your little skiers throughout their learning process. They will ensure that your children progress at their own pace and develop their technique while having fun.

After a whole day’s skiing on the ‘Marvel’ and ‘Marveline’ slopes, your family can enjoy other off-ski activities, such as dog-sled rides, snowman building and snowball fights. Morillon is full of opportunities to make your stay in the mountains even more memorable.


So get your ski clothes ready, book your accommodation and come enjoy this incredible opportunity for your children under the age of 8. An alpine adventure awaits them, with memories that will last a lifetime!

Come and ski with your family at the Grand Massif ski area in Morillon, and introduce your children to the joy of skiing on the “Marvel” and “Marveline” slopes, ideal for ski learning. Book your stay now and experience magical moments on the snowy slopes of our magnificent ski area! 🎿❄️


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