Why come and ski in Morillon, Grand-Massif?

  1. The abundance of snow: Le Grand Massif generally has excellent snow cover throughout the ski season. The region is known for its abundant snowfall, thanks to its favourable geographical position and alpine microclimate. This guarantees optimum snow conditions for enjoying your ski holiday.
  2. The high altitude: The Grand Massif ski resorts are located at high altitudes, which helps to maintain good snow cover. Morillon is located at an altitude of 700 metres, while the Grand Massif peaks reach 2,500 metres. This means that the higher slopes benefit from colder, longer-lasting snow.
  3. The artificial snowmaking: Grand Massif has a modern and extensive artificial snowmaking system. This means that even if natural snowfall is limited, snow cannons can be used to produce quality snow over a large part of the ski area. As a result, the slopes are kept in good condition throughout the whole season.
  4. A well-maintained ski area: Grand Massif’s maintenance teams are renowned for their excellent work in grooming and preparing the slopes. Thanks to their expertise and the use of modern groomers, the slopes are regularly maintained and groomed to provide smooth and pleasant skiing slopes, whatever the weather conditions.
  5. A variety of slopes and orientations: Grand Massif offers a wide variety of slopes, suitable for all levels of skier. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert skier, you will find slopes to suit your skill level. Moreover, the ski area covers different sides of the mountain, so you will find good snow conditions across a large part of the resort, whatever the weather.
  6. Free for children under 8! It’s free for children under 8! Ski passes are often free for children under 5 (and sometimes 6), but in the Grand-Massif ski area we make an extra effort for children. This is the case at Morillon, Sixt Fer-à-Cheval and the other resorts in the area.

In short, the quality of snow cover in Morillon and Grand Massif is a major advantage for skiers. You will surely find good snow conditions, whether thanks to abundant natural snowfall, artificial snow or regular maintenance of the slopes. This guarantees an enjoyable and satisfying skiing experience throughout your stay.


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